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halo questionaire

Post  TMz R3cr3ATi0nZ on 8th April 2011, 10:21 pm

Who was the best sniper in master chiefs squad?
a. Linda
b. Sam
c. The Rookie
d. Master Chiefs

What is the flood leader called
a. the maw
b. bin laden
c. barrack obama
d. the gravemind

Who is the main protagonist of the upcoming game Halo: Reach
a. Spartan A456
b. Spartan G340
c. Spartan 117
d. Spartan B312

Who was infected by the Flood and could control it briefly when he was in pain?
a. Master Cheif
b. Dutch
c. Cortana
d. Pvt. Jenkins

Which oracle was converted to side with the Gravemind?
a. Pentient Tangent
b. Liberal Circumference
c. Medicant Bias
d. Glootius Maximus

Who dies in Halo Reach?
a. Jun,you,Kat,Carter,Emile
b. Jorge,Emile,Kat,you,Jun
c. Emile,Carter,Jorge,Kat,Jun
d. Carter,Kat,Jorge,Emile,you

A Horton is similar to what?
a. Banshee
b. Pelican
c. Warthog
d. Wraith

What are the last 4 words the Arbiter says to Truth right before he kills him?
a. " You must be silenced ! "
b. " You must die Truth ! "
c. " You must not live ! "
d. " You must be destroyed ! "

whose side is the sentinals on?
a. the covenant
b. 343 guilty spark
c. flood
d. humans

Who uses a sniper rifle in Halo 3 ODST.
a. Buck
b. Romeo
c. Mickey
d. Dutch

How does kat die in reach?
a. crushed by a scarab
b. attacked by 3 spec ops elites
c. sniped in back of head
d. shotgun to the face

What achievement can you get if you kill 7 Mohas ?
a. killionare
b. keep it clean
c. swap meet
d. i didn't train to be a pilo

When he was very young, what did Chief's life come down to?
a. An Elite
b. Cpt. Keyes
c. A Coin Toss
d. Russian Roulette

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