i made a mistake ONE TIME!

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i made a mistake ONE TIME!

Post  Convictohell on 7th January 2012, 10:00 am

okay so i banned Gloy for grief that was old, because i didn't check the date, and i said my sorry's and helped re build her town, and I Your Reading Gloy, you can talk about how she was crying but I ban people because they do things wrong, the ones who don't are rewarded, they get tools and armour and unlimited of anything were allowed to give from the mods, simple as! i made an error ONE time, and now its assumed i did it also to tBearr whatever...

Because it's not already hard enough being a mod on the server but then i get it thrown in my face for trying to do my job?! well im bloody sorry, next time your having rule breaking issues ask another mod, my bb isn't open t you.

AND fr the record, you say she was crying? so you obviously know what emotions are, Staff have them too, please respect T/C's Staff, we do the best we can!

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