TechCraft Update!

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TechCraft Update!

Post  Colm on 4th December 2012, 11:14 pm

Hello! It's about time I did something to this server other than update it to new minecraft versions and bug fixes.

Firstly, nether portals are properly working in legit as they should in vanilla minecraft, sadly you still need Moderator + to light them (Planning to change that soon).

Secondly, I forced Børre to make a proper spawn for the creative world as that sphere was never planned, it was just plain old me thinking of something quick and easy.

Thirdly, the biggest update I've done in ages!
The Legit world update:
Nether portals as stated above.

I've added the use of 1.4 heads into it in a non cheaty way.

Zombie heads: 0.01% chance of it dropping a head on kill
Skeleton heads: 0.01% chance of it dropping a head on kill
Creeper heads: 0.01% chance of it dropping a head on kill
(1% being the highest)

Also, a new addition to PvP in legit, with any player you kill, you will obtain their skin's head.

It'll show like this, "Colm_Overy's head".

Player heads: 1% chance of it dropping a head on kill (1% = every kill you get a head)


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